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Our Stallions

We strive to only breed top-quality stallions that embody the original look of the Morgan horse. We have been very selective of stallions that we breed to and are carefully selected for their exceptional bloodlines, conformation, and temperament. We hope to perpetuate as many foundation gaited morgans as possible in part through our stallions.


Marymels Lincoln
(Sky Casper x Mary Mels Haywire)

Lincoln has been retained as a stallion for a few reasons. He has a head shape and size that we select for, very natural gait and a good hip. He was born in 2020 and will continue to grow.  
Mary Mels Lincoln Morgan (

Past Stallions

Marymels Swanee

Marymels Swanee (deceased)
(WNS Windenstone x Mary Mels Goldilocks)

Grandpa Mel's "favorite" stallion he's ever had with Stellar being a "close second." Grandpa loved that Swanee could be recognized as a foundation bred Morgan from "a mile away." Swanee had an unmatched head, short back, good hip and neck which were passed down to his offspring. He died unexpectedly in our pasture at 15 years old. Was owned by Dan Frandsen. 
Mary Mels Swanee Morgan (

WNS Windenstone

WNS Windenstone (deceased)
(Omar Sheriff x Woodrush Hilite)

"Doc" was bred by Mel and born at his barn. Eventually, he was sold to the WNS program. Shortly after, Omar Sheriff suddenly died, leaving Mel in need of a stallion. He knew Doc had turned out as stud material, so he reached out to the Kifers (WNS) and they agreed to lease Doc back to Mel for the rest of his life, asking that he maintain their WNS prefix.

Frandsen Horses (185).jpg

Jan Mabie Pace (deceased)
(Teton Dan Patch x Gizea Gold)

Purchased in 1996 at age 22, Jan Mabie Pace was an important stallion for Mel to incorporate into the breeding program as it provided him with an outcross for his Sheriff foals while also solidifying gait. The "Pace Stud" did the saddlerack and passed this trait to many of his foals. Most gaited palominos have Jan Mabie Pace in their pedigree.

Frandsen Horses (96).jpg

Omar Sheriff (deceased)
(Stellar x Wingo)

Sheriff was one of Mary Mels best stallions in show and in breeding. He was Western Pleasure National Grand Champion and Champion several times. As a 2 year old he was Western Pleasure Champion open to all breeds and the only Morgan to win this title. His popularity in the show ring allowed him to sire many, many quality foals. Mel said he stood around 15hh and as seen in pictures, he had great conformation as evidenced by his short back, long, strong hip, long arched neck and a head with appropriate length and shape.  He is a great representation of what a foundation Morgan should look like and what we strive to produce today. He was a bit more high strung than his sire, Stellar, which translated well into the production of horses that wouldn't give up, especially when tested in the mountains.


Stellar (deceased)
(Mentor x Naiad)

Stellar was a one of a kind stallion and is at the foundation of all Mary Mel Morgans . He was shipped on a train from Vermont and was a welcomed addition to the breeding program. Up to this point Mel had been riding each of his mares to Salt Lake City several times per week to be bred (30 miles each way) because he couldn't afford a trailer and didn't have a stallion. You can imagine the joy he had when a stallion, especially of Stellar's quality, arrived in Salt Lake. Stellar had a calm disposition which translated well to the show ring, working cattle, and being utilized as a daily riding horse for Mel and his children. Mel stated that Stellar was a very efficient cow horse and excelled as a trail horse in the mountains. His accomplishments in the show ring include Junior National Grand Champion Stallion and Reserve Grand Champion Stallion in 1950. Stellar was also Grand Champion Stallion 5 years straight from 1951-1955 at the Utah State Fair, retiring undefeated in the show ring.

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