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A Legacy of  Breeding Foundation Gaited Morgans

We take pride in producing some of the finest gaited morgans. Take a look and see how our selective breeding has been passed down through the generations.


Mary Mel Morgans

Mary Mel Morgans was founded by Mel Frandsen over 50 years ago, named after his wife Mary and himself. Mel's selective breeding established a legacy of strong, sound Morgans known for their intermediate gaits. Today, his son Dan, along with Dan's sons McKay and Weston, and nephew Josh, continue the tradition, maintaining the same high standards. They, along with their friend Brady Durrant, are dedicated to producing quality Morgans that honor Mel's vision, ensuring the Mary Mel prefix remains a mark of excellence in the breed.

Owners of Mary Mel Morgans sitting on their horses in Utah

Morgans are known for their versatility, strength, endurance, and stamina. Early uses included farm work, driving, ranching, and even used in the United States Cavalry.  Today the Morgan is still loved for the same reasons. From endurance racing, ranching, arena, and trail riding, the Morgan excels in each of these. Along with all of the uses for the Morgan, they have a look/conformation that is undoubtedly the best of all breeds. Pairing the beauty and versatility of the Morgan and intermediate gaits (outside of walk, trot, and canter), is the perfect combination for a horse that can truly do it all.


Most of our Morgans can exhibit intermediate gaits that are smooth and can reach speeds of up to 12 MPH! This allows you to comfortably cover much more ground in a fraction of the time of the typical trotting horse. We breed for great conformation and smooth gaits so that you can quickly cover ground and look good doing it!

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